"Word Is Born"  2018

"Word Is Born"  2018


50% Frontenac Blanc and 50% cider. The Frontenac Blanc was hand picked from Mad Meadows Vineyard October 2018 and the apples (Dabinett, Wickson Crab, Golden Russet, Northern Spy) were handpicked in the fall of 2018 at Sunrise Orchard. The Frontenac Blanc was foot crushed and fermented whole cluster. After the Frontenac Blanc fermentation completed, we fermented the cider on top. The wine was bottled to finish under cap as a traditional method sparkling wine. Native yeast fermentation. No sulfur additions, fining, filtering, or funny business in the winery, just fucking fermented juice. 

Vintage: 2018 
Style: Sparkling Wine
Vineyard: Mad Meadows Vineyard -  Vermont 
Orchard: Sunrise Orchard - Cornwall, Vermont
Varieties: 50% Frontenac Blanc & 50% Cider (Dabinett, Wickson Crab, Golden Russet, Northern Spy)
Agriculture of Vineyard: IPM
Agriculture of Orchard: IPM
Fermentation: Unfined, Unfiltered, Zero SO2 or any other additions
Ingredients: Just Grapes & Apples
Cases Produced: 27
Label Art By: Chris Granillo

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